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NYSE, NASDAQ, HKSE, Euronext, SIX, TSX, ASX, NSE, BSE, JSE, Italy, NASDAQ Nordic, Spain, Australia, Sweden, Finland
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Exclusive offerings

  1. Company Stock Ticker on SharePoint
  2. Top 10 Gainers and Losers
  3. Public Indexes like S&P 500, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, Russel 2000, Russel 3000, DAX, Nifty, CAC, Euronext and many more
  4. Company News
  5. General News in any language around the World
  6. Stock Tiles For NASDAQ, CAC or your customized list
  7. Customized for your choice

SharePoint Webparts

$ 75.00
SharePoint Stock Ticker – Microsoft 365 (Shows Company Stock Prices)
$ 150.00
SharePoint Stock Chart – Microsoft 365
$ 300.00
Investor Relations
$ 60.00
Top Gainers Losers
$ 99.00
Stocks Portfolio Tracker
$ 60.00
Commodity Price Ticker
$ 60.00
Stock Markets Index Ticker – S&P, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, FTSE, Euronext and many more
$ 60.00
Cryptocurrency Ticker
$ 20.00
SharePinPoint News Bulletin
$ 60.00
Company News

Which App to Buy when?

  1. Looking to show your company Stock Price as a ticker? Please head over to Stock Ticker For World Markets
  2. If your company is listed on US Markets and want to show News Items? Company News is your best friend
  3. Looking to show Market Index values like Dow Jones, NASDAQ, S&P 500? NASDAQ Ticker is the right choice
  4. Looking for content about a specific topic in your regional language? Global News is for you
  5. Looking for Crypto Prices? Crypto Currency Ticker o rMarket Watch 
  6. Looking to show Crypto+Market Indexes+Currency+Stock Ticker+Commodities ? Market Watch is your solution

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250+ Esteemed Clients across Australia to Alaska

Supported across 6 continents and 40+ different global world Stock Exchanges

  1. North America – NASDAQ, NYSE, S & P500, Canada TSX (Toronto)
  2. Europe/Noridc – Euronext(Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Lisbon, Oslo, Dublin, Frankfurt), SIX(Switzerland), NASDAQ Nordic Exchanges, LSE (London Stock Exchange), all Spanish, Austria/Vienna Stock Exchanges, Frankfurt Aktien Boerse, Budapest Hungary 
  3. Asia – NSE BSE (India), HKSE (Hong Kong), Moscow Stock Exchange (MOEX), Shanghai/Shenzhen Stock Exchanges (SZSE/SSE) China, Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange TASE, Stock Exchange of Thailand SET,  JPX Tokyo Japan
  4. Australia & New Zealand – ASX(Australia), New Zealand
  5. Africa – Johannesberg Stock Exchange (JSE)
  6. Central / South America – Mexican Stock Exchange (Bolsa Mexicana de Valores)

Customer Reviews

  • Its simple to operate. Refreshes with a custom time interval. All easily configurable properties. We simply love it. Highly recommended.
    Sydney Blauman
    SharePoint Manager
  • We love the simplicity and Zero effort setup and configuration of the addin. We just added the webpart, edited the webpart and added our stock symbol and thats all. Sits nicely on our home page. Loved the support we received for installation and fixing.
    Penelope Star
    Intranet Content Specialist
  • The service desk is highly responsive and responded back to us in less than minutes. We are using the Chart and the love the options with it. We came to know about this via Linkedin & werent disappointed with the services! Highly recommended
    Talha Clayton
    SharePoint IT Manager

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