Frequently Asked Questions

For any questions, please feel free to
contact us  : [email protected]

Licensing Questions

Is the app making any external api calls?

Yes, the app makes 2 external API calls,

  1. Market Data Feed -> Please contact us to get this URL
  2. Our licensing API -> To check your license for usage.

There is no other API being called, from within the APP(s)

How many sites or pages can the apps be used with a single license?
With a single license, a complete SharePoint is covered. For example, if you acquired a license for, it will work for all sites/subsites/pages in it. But, or will need different licenses.
Is the price shown for all users or is the price per user?

All our prices are including all users of the company provided the number is less than 1000.

In some cases, where you have more than 1000+ users, we do charge differently for bigger enterprises

I see an error message, while trying to add the app to the site contents, We had a small problem getting your license

Please try the Offline downloader for SPFx version. Download here.

If you need Australian stocks, you must use the classic version from the store, Please use the firefox in InPrivate window.

After installation, no webparts are visible, I only see a %Title% in the menu?

This is because of a bug in Microsoft Modern pages,

Please use Firefox Incognito Mode to edit the page after which the webparts will magically appear on all browsers.
This step is just for installation, once Installed on a page, you can freely use other browsers normally.

Webpart not working? Try firefox
Common issues!
How to install stock ticker on SharePoint online?

Please follow our easy instructions on this page 

How much time will it take to activate my license and remove the trial message on my Addin?

Generally the activations are processed within 1 hour. We are located in the Central Europe Time zone and trying to serve Australian, European, English, US time zones the same day.

For any questions, we are happy to help, our teams id is +4915906301547. Happy to connect directly on teams.

When will I receive the invoice for my purchase?

The receipt for the payment will be sent immediately. The official invoice with Tax and Company details will be sent next day.

Is the price including the support?

Yes, be rest assured that our team will be there to help you when needed. Our support covers fixing of the webparts in case it stops working until the license is valid.

What happens when the license runs out?

We will get in touch with the person via email who first purchased the license.

If the license expires, an expiry message will start showing up on the screen. We request you to please renew the license on time.

Is the purchase refundable?

The purchase is refundable only in the case of failed or repeated transactions. We refund any additional amount that has been charged on your credit card.

Licenses once purchased for first transaction is not refunded.

We do not like the User Interface of the webpart, can we customize this?

Yes sure this can be customized as per company/intranet needs. Please get in touch with us via the Contact Us form to discuss your requirements.

What API/data provider/feeds are you using to fetch the data?

We disclose this only after the first purchase.

Is there an integration available for Wordpress?

Yes, there is. Please get in touch with us via Contact Us page to know how this can be integrated into your wordpress site.

How do we get immediate support?

Please contact [email protected] or call +49 1590 630 1547(EU) and +1 360 2444 330 in case of urgent requirements.

Is there a lifetime version of the license?

There is a 5 year license available. Lifetime version is not sustainable model and hence not possible to provide.

Customer Reviews

  • Its simple to operate. Refreshes with a custom time interval. All easily configurable properties. We simply love it. Highly recommended.
    Sydney Blauman
    SharePoint Manager
  • We love the simplicity and Zero effort setup and configuration of the addin. We just added the webpart, edited the webpart and added our stock symbol and thats all. Sits nicely on our home page. Loved the support we received for installation and fixing.
    Penelope Star
    Intranet Content Specialist
  • The service desk is highly responsive and responded back to us in less than minutes. We are using the Chart and the love the options with it. We came to know about this via Linkedin & werent disappointed with the services! Highly recommended
    Talha Clayton
    SharePoint IT Manager