Refund Policy

Dear Customer,

Please check the following conditions under which refunds are granted
  1. Duplicate payments received by our payment provider. If you think that there has been a duplicate payment received please let us know, we are happy to issue you a 100% refund.
  2. If our API fails to deliver your company’s stock price. We guarantee our services and issue a refund if our service will no longer support your company’s stock price. This usually occurs for non-US stocks, where our data provider is not supporting.
  3. If a wrong license price has been paid already. If we find that your company’s public profile has more than 1000 users and you do not agree to the price we quote. Then in this case, we can issue a refund to you. In this case, we refund 90% of the price paid.
  4. If any of our custom solutions stop working, we will calculate the number of days served and this will be deductible
Refund Process,
  1. Please provide your name, email and credit card last 4 digits to [email protected] to track your payment faster
  2. If refund is initiated within 3 business days, it will done to do the same credit card
  3. If refund is initiated outside 3 business days, you will be required to provide your bank account details like
    • Name of Account holder:
    • Bank Name:
    • Bank Account Number/IBAN Number:
    • Bank Address:
    • BIC Code/Swift Code/Routing Number:
  4. In all cases the refund processed is 97% of the original amount. (Except duplicate/wrong payments)